One of the things I like best about photographing weddings, aside from the free food of course, is that every one of them is unique in their own way.  Every bride and groom I have photographed have had their own special themes, decorations, or just events for the day that capture their uniqueness.   That makes my job even more fun as well, when I get to capture that uniqueness and individualism of a couple on their wedding day.  











Recently I photographed a wedding with my photographer friend  for a couple named Alia and Ethan Nickel.  As a little girl growing up Alia liked to cut her clothes, whether they did not fit right or it was just a fashion statement I cannot attest to, but she decided that she would continue her tradition with her wedding dress.  So part way through the reception and after the first dance we headed back to the dressing room so she could truly personalize her dress.  









After a brief discussion as to what the length should be and who was going to do the deed the cutting commenced.  So the wedding dress transformed from a traditional looking wedding dress to a pretty cool evening gown that allowed Alia to get her groove on the dance floor much better and by the smile on her face in the last few pictures I believe it was to her satisfaction.   Below are some pictures of the transformation and please feel free to leave your comments in the boxes provided below.  :)


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    1. by Natalie Ledward

      OMG I love this!

      Did anyone know she was going to do this? Was the husband ok?

      I am tempted to do this!!!!

      Love her shoes too, were they comfy?!

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