Searching for a photographer was a process I wasn’t looking forward to.  Trusting someone to capture those prized moments that you would forever look back upon is a job all on it’s own.  My husband and I found Ben at one of the Wedding Showcases held in Eugene.  There were a lot of photographers at the showcase.  One booth after another my husband and I stopped at each one, looked at their work, and chatted with photographers to get to know them and see if we “clicked.”  After all of the photographers my husband and I found Ben. We looked at his work, prices and talked with him to see if we “clicked.”  And you betcha we did!   Ben is so calm, relaxed, kind, friendly, confident and so very humble.  His work speaks for itself.  From the very first photo I saw of his, I was in love.  He has the natural eye to capture every emotion.  People say a photo is worth a thousand words, but Ben’s will have you speechless then talking for days, months and years.  His work will captivate your eyes, heart and fuel your emotions with happiness, loves and tears of joy.  It will be a challenge for you to take your eyes off one photo and move to the other.  When I was able to look at the first photo, my heart skipped a beat, I gasped, then wept in tears of joy from what he captured.  Ben captured the ten years of unconditional love my husband and I share. He captured the growth, trust, and faith that has developed over time.  Most importantly he captured the new covenant my husband and I have after saying “I Do.”  Not only have I found the best photographer who pours his heart and soul into these photos, he is now a friend of ours.  Ben is an amazing human being.  He has a wife, 2 beautiful children, and balances all aspects of life seamlessly.  My husband and I are so lucky and incredibly blessed to have found him and were given the honor to have him photograph our special day.  Any occasion in which I need photos in the future I will turn to the one I trust most. Ben captures beauty and makes a masterpiece of it.  Any time in the future I can help him become more known and successful I will do it.  There are a lot of wonderful people in the world who can photograph well. Though, to have the eye Ben has, and poses the qualities he holds, Ben is one in a million.  Thank you Ben for all that you have done.  Michael and I care deeply for you and will do anything to help you reach the top.  You are on your way and I only see the best in your future.”  –Love The Spencer’s

Ben is so amazing.  He was able to travel to the coast to where we had our wedding.  He was on top of everything trying to take pictures of not just me but of the ladies, my groom, his men, my mom and everyone else that was in the wedding party.  He was also trying to help me with anything I needed.  He just does some amazing work and I would have him take all the pictures for my family and I. Thank you Ben so much.”     -Jackie Santiago

“I was very pleased with the service Ben provided for my husband and me.  He was very professional, easy to work with, and made us feel very comfortable in front of the camera.  All the pictures came out amazing and I really felt like he listened to what I was wanted out of my pictures.  My husband and I talked to a few other photographers and the one thing I loved while talking with Ben was I felt like he really enjoys his job. I would and recommend him to friends and family.”     -Mackenzie Johnston.