Considering this time of year is not know for the best I weather I took advantage of the sunny day we had to get out and practice some photography, a photo technique I like to use often, and get some photos of my new puppy before she gets much older and bigger.  As most people can imagine a puppy is not the most cooperative subject for photos and my puppy, Bailey, was no exception.  She seemed to be more interested in my camera than the toys I had brought outside for her and she kept coming up to try and attack my lens.  This made for a hard time focusing so I had to run back and try to catch her in stride.









             After a few tries at that I decided to use the situation as a chance to try out something I do when I shoot couples and get them walking hand in hand.  Instead of aiming the camera at Bailey while looking through the lens, which was causing her to come after me and the camera, I held the camera just a few inches above the grass.  This allows me to get a different and an at-level perspective of her which can make for a really cool photo.  The disadvantage is that I can not see exactly what I am aiming at, nor can I get it to focus where I want either.  This technique though does often allow for some very awesome accidental shots that I would not have normally done in the first place.    












         The photo on the left here is unfortunate that it did not focus on her face, but rather her collar and when I shoot like this there are often many photos that come out this way.  The photo on the right has a framing to it that I would not normally do; I do not often crop part of the face, but I still think it works well for the photo. This is one that I would include as a happy accident photo and be glad that something came out of me stooping over and walking backwards at the same time.  As I mentioned above I use this technique on occasion with couples when I want to capture them just walking and interacting.  What I will do is put a medium-zoom lens on my camera, set for a very low depth of field, and then start to walk backwards with the camera at waist level.  I then have the couple start to walk forward laughing, joking, looking at each other, and just enjoying each other.  All said and done I will end up with around 60-80 photos, most of them being unusable such as the one above, but I will get about 4-5 dynamite ones like the two at the top of the post.  So after about 20 minutes of being chased around the yard, and getting a few candid photos of Bailey, we wrapped up the shoot and I was left with the great photos above.



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