After some practice indoors, we decided to take advantage of the unusually sunny and pleasant Winter afternoon in Springfield. Ben, his son Liam, Lucas and myself went for a walk to a local park to practice family photography outdoors. Although it was still chilly enough to require a coat, the light was beautiful and made for some fantastic images. Luckily for us, Liam was quite the willing model and his natural tendency to be photogenic certainly wasn’t hurting the process. In the end, I ended up with several images I was very happy with.


This first image is of Liam enjoying his afternoon at the park with his dad. This shot was achieved by timing and proper framing. In several other discarded versions, portions of either Ben or Liam were obstructed by the swing but with a little patience, this was the result. Keeping the parent in the background out of focus while the child in the foreground is clear gives the photograph a stylized look, while including both parent and child.

Practice Fam-3

This next image is more of a traditional father and son pose. The playground structure in the background adds a fun element to the image without distracting the viewer from the subjects.

Practice Fam-1

Another fun shot to do when you have parents and children is to have them walk toward the camera while shooting. The action shot gives a more relaxed feel to the image, and is allowing Liam to keep active so he doesn’t get too bored with being a model.

Practice Fam-2


Indoor photos with natural light are often more difficult because there is the added challenge of making the light work for you. In this image, the light coming from a nearby window worked to my advantage, as did my very fun models, Liam Lundberg and Scott Jeffrey. Scott was teaching Liam to flex his bicep muscles.


Tired out after using his favorite giant boxing gloves to show Scott and Ben how its done, Liam takes a break and gives his buddy a hug. This particular shot was one of my favorites because the low depth of field leaves all the focus on the subjects within the image…and its just a cute photo.


-Emma Glaspey

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  1. by Tahlua

    Awesome job Emma :)

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