About two weeks ago I made the plunge into the world of full-frame Digital SLR cameras.  My two previous camera bodies are crop sensors and I decided it was time to go pro, get a whole new perspective from my lenses, and purchase my first full frame camera.  These cameras are considered professional level because of their better picture taking capabilities and they have the price tags to match that is for sure.  One of the most noticeable differences though is that that crop senors have a slight zoom factor to them, it is just part of the physics of it all.  So I am in the process of getting used to all my lenses again since they now do not have quite the reach that I am used to.  Of course though the better picture quality and the fantastic depth of field is well worth the learning curve.  Also since some of my other lenses were crop sensor only I now have a good excuse to buy some new lenses.  :)   Stay tuned for some new photos to be popping up soon!!

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