Ben Lundberg and I worked on studio lighting headshots for a few hours to get some practice in. I learned the technique of using a flash to light up the wall behind the subject which allows the blank white wall to appear pure white, thereby keeping all of the focus on […]


Bailey Puppy

                                              Considering this time of year is not know for the best I weather I took advantage of the sunny day we had to get out and practice […]

After some practice indoors, we decided to take advantage of the unusually sunny and pleasant Winter afternoon in Springfield. Ben, his son Liam, Lucas and myself went for a walk to a local park to practice family photography outdoors. Although it was still chilly enough to require a coat, the […]

Let me begin with a little bit of an introduction.  My name is Emma Glaspey and I have lived in Eugene, Oregon for the majority of my life. I have always enjoyed creative endeavors and hoped for the opportunity to turn my passion into a career, so when given the […]

           Weddings are one of my favorite things to photograph.  There is so much joy and beauty in every wedding I have shot so far and it is really an honor to be there for the couple.  The couple’s photos, after the ceremony has occurred, is […]

One of the things I like best about photographing weddings, aside from the free food of course, is that every one of them is unique in their own way.  Every bride and groom I have photographed have had their own special themes, decorations, or just events for the day that […]

About two weeks ago I made the plunge into the world of full-frame Digital SLR cameras.  My two previous camera bodies are crop sensors and I decided it was time to go pro, get a whole new perspective from my lenses, and purchase my first full frame camera.  These cameras […]